redQueen Final touch

I don't quite likes the final touch of this piece, but here it is, it’s done. Maybe next time will be better..

Untitled WIP

red Beauty WIP
Untitled illustration, i haven't dicided yet the title, and yet still WIP. Model of this painting is my friend, and she is beautiful for sure. :) :)

Speed paint

This is my practice for creating character concept, it begin from traditional sketch, and finalize by digital. i don't know what name to give, maybe "red witch hunter" fit her.

Separated From Evil

Separate-from-evil Separate From Evil
this is character from my previous post on  Mask man

Narcissism Time

It’s been a long time since i drew picture of myself, And now i did it again, i drew it once again,.. haahha :D . But this time is different, this one i used for my Curriculum Vitae, because this month i have plan to apply for a job. Hope it all will work well.
here’s is layout of my CV

Coloring technique experiment


I never did coloring with this technique before, so this is the first time i used this technique. The order of coloring from this technique you should draw it with monochrome tone, and then using new layer style to colorize it with Hue/Saturation. You may added new layer above with blend mode Multiply for more dynamic looks.

This technique usually used by most of concept art artist.


Mask man


Actually this is an old sketch, i redraw the character (left side) and added a mask on him. I plan to make a comic strip from this character later.


and here’s some update