just some old stuff, i redraw some shading and add hard shadow effect to make them look badass.


Portrait practice


Dwipantara or Raga Sanajaya?

get bored when work time in my office, then i decide to doing some doodling and create stuff for my one shot comic
Raga Sanjaya's Brother
3 main characters in my upcoming one shot comic

Dragon Raider Redraw


This is my old work from post Come and Die, I done some tweaks and change in this draw for my portfolio. I make it more darken tone to express dark and bad of the raider.



Sekar Dewi Dwipantara

Sekar dewi is one from four Raga Sanjaya Bodyguard, she’s good in stealth skill. She have a good speed in fighting. Gun and long parang (machete) are the most frequently used weapons beside kudi.


Raga Sanjaya Putra

Raga Sanjaya Putra, beast

He is will be the one of my main character in my comic “Dwipantara”. He is some kind of Anti Hero person, Cold blooded killer, unmerciful, but smart. He mastered many of Pencak Silat style (Nusantara martial arts) when he was 21, he also mastered many “jurus kanuragan“ like Kidang Kancana, Mahesa Kroda, Aji bala Srewu, Brajamusti, etc.


Weapon of choose:

- Cakar Elang

- Kerambit

- Rencong

- Keris


Project "Nusantara" Comic

I drew this sketch while im doin' brainstorming for my comic that take a place/setting in nusantara world, what i can say this is just a rought skecth from rought concept, it's far from final character i guess. This comic is all about nusantara (indonesia) and focus of the story is silat martial art. But for now the story is far from finish, maybe it will done in 6 mouth, 1 years, or perhaps more