I’m Back

Long time i have gone from Blogging world, yeah actually because i cant found something interest on it. But in this early month (December 2010) i feel deferent, blogging is so fun. I can share everything a know, everything happened in my life today, everything i want, just like a diary.

This is my 2nd blog that i have, the first is “redChipp: All about Art”, the first is specifically used for art, design, News articles, it’s all about art definitely. this blog is only things that come from my life, my act, my memories, my portfolio, my job, my fault, my good, all about me.

Next blog i want to tell my story by illustrated comics, while i practice drawing.

just wait, i want to make funny story from the comics,.. hahahahaah


What is love,..?? i don't understand it

when i love someone, she keep away from me,...
but the one who loved me is someone i don't even love just a lil' bit

god,.. its getting worse everyday,..
it can make my live ruined everyday

My Original Character 2010

This artwork inspired from akuma after i watch Street Fighter Alpha Generation Animation! So i decide to make a man with red hair & eye. But he used a sword as his weapon

After final semester task of Photography class, i really intrest in Low key fotography, i think it so artistic for me. This piece artwork inspired me from that things!

This piece i crate with photo reference I've got from deviantart gallery (i forget the artist name), i like her hair in that photo, i think it is challenge to make hair like that. Actually it haven't finish yet

My first digital illustration

Title: Fall in Love (valentine or Fucklentine)

I drew it in sketchbook with HB pencil, and line art using 0.1 Snowman Drawing Pen
And the coloring using PS CS3

I made this piece when im just broke with my girlfriend a long time ago. I don't know why i create something like this when im just broke with her. i should create darker or desperate art instead create this one (like emo’s style maybe). May be it because i create this pieces art at February, that why i give the title "Fall in Love (actually Fucklentine is better than Valentine)". F**K LDR, Not Long Dick Reduction (cuz mine doesn't long enough ) but Long Distance Relationship. I dont give a shit about LDR from now on.


Lets Start Today

today,.. yeah hari ini bersiap untuk lari kenceng,.... babat abis itu tugas!! hahahaa.... karna minggu depan udah mulai UAS!!!!

e-commerce kelar 90%
Aplikasi desain (inDesign) kelar 90%
B inggris Profesi kelar 90%
prose buat logo DKV udah kelar 70%
Fotografi belum sama sekali (padahal acc final udah 2 minggu yg lalu T_T) 50%
Manajemen Proyek 0% (ane benci nih ama kuliah neh) ughtt!!!!

gua mals menghafal T_T