Queen Card

Final Artwork of my latest work. But i don’t think this is the final artwork, i feel missing something on this work, but i don’t know what. Whatever, maybe someday i will redraw it.......

Art and Culture

Background stage for my brother’s school festival, about art and culture. First work I've done about month ago, until yesterday my brother remind me to finish the work. Now i sending him this picture from email, hope he like my artwork.

Practice Practice

Here’s my a piece of my artwork, done while I’m doin’ some freelance project, or maybe i can use it as the cover of my project. Anyway the coloring style still influence by Serge Birault .


And here’s some update from my old work, still in progress



sketch for t-shirt art

Final assignment is done, hell yeah now i have many time to spare. Now and then i plant to develop my own little brand clothing step by step, little by little. And this is my work during I'm in lombok, and still "Prabu Siliwangi".!