Dragon Raider Redraw


This is my old work from post Come and Die, I done some tweaks and change in this draw for my portfolio. I make it more darken tone to express dark and bad of the raider.



Sekar Dewi Dwipantara

Sekar dewi is one from four Raga Sanjaya Bodyguard, she’s good in stealth skill. She have a good speed in fighting. Gun and long parang (machete) are the most frequently used weapons beside kudi.


Raga Sanjaya Putra

Raga Sanjaya Putra, beast

He is will be the one of my main character in my comic “Dwipantara”. He is some kind of Anti Hero person, Cold blooded killer, unmerciful, but smart. He mastered many of Pencak Silat style (Nusantara martial arts) when he was 21, he also mastered many “jurus kanuragan“ like Kidang Kancana, Mahesa Kroda, Aji bala Srewu, Brajamusti, etc.


Weapon of choose:

- Cakar Elang

- Kerambit

- Rencong

- Keris


Project "Nusantara" Comic

I drew this sketch while im doin' brainstorming for my comic that take a place/setting in nusantara world, what i can say this is just a rought skecth from rought concept, it's far from final character i guess. This comic is all about nusantara (indonesia) and focus of the story is silat martial art. But for now the story is far from finish, maybe it will done in 6 mouth, 1 years, or perhaps more

Come and Die

Come and Die!!! Seriously I myself terrified with the way he looking at.

Arrow to the knee

Now i realize i have been accurst yesterday,i could tell it all because i often use "arrow to the knee" jokes, i've been damned. This work is actually almost done, then i took an arrow to the knee T_T. I spend my day to drawing this "art nouveou" style illustration, then suddenly after i restart my PC the file was broken or corrupted.

Damn, the other reason why was this happened maybe because i change the face of the girl with Trolling face. But arrow to the knee joke and trolling face is really fit for sure.

Siliwangi Spirit Warrior

He is siliwangi Spirit warrior, spirit of Tiger. He less looks bad ass, may be i should make some retouch to make him look more bad ass.