Character Development: Still in progress







Fight Until the End

The Wheel of Fate is Turning, Heaven or Hell, Live and let Die, what quote are that? That are quote of my favorite Fighting game narrator.

Day of final Semester about to begin, but most of my time i waste by playing fighting game (so depressed with college task T_T). Feel like back to high school when playing those game. But yeah it was so fun :), i enjoy it,

Fighting game list in my Computer are:

Guilty gear XX # Reload (PC)
Guilty gear XX Accent Core Plus (PS2)
Blaz Blue Calamity Trigger (PC)
Capcom vs SNK 2 : Millennium Fight (PS2)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (PS2)
Street Fighter IV (PC)
and Soul calibur 3 (PS2) (downloading by torrent ….)

for PS2 game i played them by Pcsx (really work well in my computer)

blaz1 first time i play this game was August 2010 in my brother’s PSP

cvs2 I never won fighting my brother for this game

ggxxac2 No one can defeat me even my brother,.. especially when i play as Sol BadGuy


Final but unfinished

Still Steal little time from my busyness time of my Final Semester Test and task. i don’t know what should i puts for it background, so i head for solid color.



Character Development for my college Task

Here’s some of my sketch for my college Task. I developed comic character for kids, to make them interested in reading. The story is about “PUB” the main character. He is poor kid, but he have a big passion for school. Someday when he visit old library in his city, he found a forbidden book, the book is contain a jinn, (a good and bad jinn), they both are sealed in the book for hundred years. The good jinn is seal himself and his enemy in these book, to prevent evil broke and change the story of the tales. and how it goes when the seal is release, wait for the comic just in this blog.



“PUB” the main character




A good Jinn



Evil jinn



Old Man, The old library Owner


Mr Smile : “Why so serious”

I've done this piece last year, when my little brother ask me to make picture for his class t-shirt which represent about his class, such fun guy, happiness, not serious, joke. When i hear world about “serious”. i suddenly think about joker, but joker face to scary for middle high school kid, and then i replace joker face with Mr. Smile. And yeah, here we go, the result goes like this. :D



Evil Within 2 WIP

More practice-practice-and practice!

it’s not Finish yet, still in progress, hope it will be finished soon,..






Still in progress, i just added a robe to his body to make him more mysteriously evil and look scary.

i will take a long time to finish this one, it because i do draw this thing on and off, i instead do my college work than this one (its for my feature :)), hope gonna be a free time for me to finish this work,. :D




My new ID



From Dirty to Tidy

I'm 22 years old college student, i used to be like another teen, reckless, dirty, careless, ignorance,  just a ordinary teen. But by the time, little by little my attitude my behavior slowly changed, i don’t know why, maybe because of age my age is getting older, because of social interaction, and maybe because of another reason. But one thing i surely know, at least I'm getting better now(alhamdulillah).
Early year of my college life, i was move to Bandung, because I'm originally from Lombok. I have no Family in Bandung, no one, It’s make me feel free, no one can control me and i live my live with my own way, hahahaha. Look at picture bellow, my first room in Bandung is so mess up, i have no intention about it tidiness. Maybe it size is 2mx2m but my friends always use to sleep there, not only one friend, two or three maybe with me it counts 4 person in the room, you may can’t imagine how fuck up that room used to be.
i was live here from early years of my collage day, it’s about 2007 – 2009. In 2009 i was moved with my friend to his room in Sadang Serang (there is a reason behind this, it’s along story about that girl T_T) . He used to be lived with his sister, but when his sister graduate he lived alone, and his sister room is empty, sadly i have no picture of my room in Sadang serang.

I live in this room since 2010-present. My attitude and behavior starting to change from that moment. And now i have a new hobby, Collected an Action figure and model kit, and my attention to game is slowly fade, but surely i still like playing game :D.




Abandoned Art Part I

Last year 2010, i have worked a lot of illustration, just personal stuff for practice. i got much of free time to spare, sometimes i just have it for fun, sometimes for practice, and sometimes just to take a sleep for feed my laziness. At least I've done some artwork in that year, not much but i did. The problem is some of my work is remain unfinished  and probably abandoned, but i don’t mean it, surely. So in this early year i want to promise to my self to finish them, cuz i can see some of them can be an amazing art pieces, all i need to do is fix the sketch lil bit.


This picture is for Funco contest, recreate old indonesian comic character ( i forgot her name) by our own style.



before create this one i remember Hitokiri-Batosai from Samurai X, that’s why he got long hair like a samurai.



This one for Wacom Anime girl contest



Just random imagination from my head



Evil \m/, this piece is really premature when i left it, cuz i haven’t finish it color tonal, too bright i think, too sweet for evil to have a bright tonal,. :D





Old Stuff PART 1

This entry was posted in my another blog rechipp:all about art with the same title. I remember the day when i post this entries in redChipp, i was got boring time, it was midnight, nothing online but me in facebook, i mean person i know. kaskus was over posting, i had nothing to eat god!! insomnia is make me suffer.

To kill the boring time it think posted my old stuff is not a bad idea, so i start to find my old work in my work document folder, at least it waste a half hours of my boring time and then i can go to sleep deeply.   


The Octree



Evil Within



Bandits of the Wasteland



My Chimera :)



i Want You