Raga Sanjaya Putra

Raga Sanjaya Putra, beast

He is will be the one of my main character in my comic “Dwipantara”. He is some kind of Anti Hero person, Cold blooded killer, unmerciful, but smart. He mastered many of Pencak Silat style (Nusantara martial arts) when he was 21, he also mastered many “jurus kanuragan“ like Kidang Kancana, Mahesa Kroda, Aji bala Srewu, Brajamusti, etc.


Weapon of choose:

- Cakar Elang

- Kerambit

- Rencong

- Keris


  1. Bung Chipp...you make comics, that's a great work! By the way, my younger brother has entered the same college as you (he's a freshman, 2012 attendee), only he's in Teknik Informatika department. Hee hee. Just saying.

    1. the comic is not create yet, even a single page, i'm still making and studying the concept.
      Wow Informatika, its one of Unikom fav department, and its really good department in unikom i heard and it's really difficult actually.