Abandoned Art Part I

Last year 2010, i have worked a lot of illustration, just personal stuff for practice. i got much of free time to spare, sometimes i just have it for fun, sometimes for practice, and sometimes just to take a sleep for feed my laziness. At least I've done some artwork in that year, not much but i did. The problem is some of my work is remain unfinished  and probably abandoned, but i don’t mean it, surely. So in this early year i want to promise to my self to finish them, cuz i can see some of them can be an amazing art pieces, all i need to do is fix the sketch lil bit.


This picture is for Funco contest, recreate old indonesian comic character ( i forgot her name) by our own style.



before create this one i remember Hitokiri-Batosai from Samurai X, that’s why he got long hair like a samurai.



This one for Wacom Anime girl contest



Just random imagination from my head



Evil \m/, this piece is really premature when i left it, cuz i haven’t finish it color tonal, too bright i think, too sweet for evil to have a bright tonal,. :D




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