Character Development for my college Task

Here’s some of my sketch for my college Task. I developed comic character for kids, to make them interested in reading. The story is about “PUB” the main character. He is poor kid, but he have a big passion for school. Someday when he visit old library in his city, he found a forbidden book, the book is contain a jinn, (a good and bad jinn), they both are sealed in the book for hundred years. The good jinn is seal himself and his enemy in these book, to prevent evil broke and change the story of the tales. and how it goes when the seal is release, wait for the comic just in this blog.



“PUB” the main character




A good Jinn



Evil jinn



Old Man, The old library Owner


  1. Greetings!
    Cool characters! Espacially Library Man.

    I'm total amateur at designing and I have only one year of my own development :)
    I wish you , you will catch Jason Chan someday.I know You admire him. I wish the same for myself. In my case it will be around my 50's probably :):):) (I hope i will have long life ) Best regards!

  2. Ini Iqbal yang gambar? keren banget!

  3. wuih keren tu gambarnya ^^..
    gw suka tokoh good jinnx --> unik, lucu, keren punya rambut kertas bs bkin origami ^^..good job pren