From Dirty to Tidy

I'm 22 years old college student, i used to be like another teen, reckless, dirty, careless, ignorance,  just a ordinary teen. But by the time, little by little my attitude my behavior slowly changed, i don’t know why, maybe because of age my age is getting older, because of social interaction, and maybe because of another reason. But one thing i surely know, at least I'm getting better now(alhamdulillah).
Early year of my college life, i was move to Bandung, because I'm originally from Lombok. I have no Family in Bandung, no one, It’s make me feel free, no one can control me and i live my live with my own way, hahahaha. Look at picture bellow, my first room in Bandung is so mess up, i have no intention about it tidiness. Maybe it size is 2mx2m but my friends always use to sleep there, not only one friend, two or three maybe with me it counts 4 person in the room, you may can’t imagine how fuck up that room used to be.
i was live here from early years of my collage day, it’s about 2007 – 2009. In 2009 i was moved with my friend to his room in Sadang Serang (there is a reason behind this, it’s along story about that girl T_T) . He used to be lived with his sister, but when his sister graduate he lived alone, and his sister room is empty, sadly i have no picture of my room in Sadang serang.

I live in this room since 2010-present. My attitude and behavior starting to change from that moment. And now i have a new hobby, Collected an Action figure and model kit, and my attention to game is slowly fade, but surely i still like playing game :D.




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  1. Hi! I really understand what you said.
    This article reminds me my school days.
    That is about 15 years ago though. Haha:D
    I like your old desk too! I like messy desk:)
    And gumdam is very very popular in Japan!